Stormy Weather Alert!

Weather Alert   Please Be Safe!


Wednesday - 7th.June.2017 Crossing Closed! The City was notified by Canadian Railroad that they may start work tomorrow on the upper tracks.  (Tracks by the Grain Elevator) Please plan accordingly. Safe Travels!

Canadian RR Crossing

Canadian RR has contacted the City and said that they are planning to do work at their crossing (Upper Crossing by the Grain Elevator) on Thursday & Friday of this week! This entrance will be closed so please plan accordingly. Safe …


City Hall just received a report that a gentleman is going door-to-door in town, selling Kirby Products and promoting a drawing for $1000 in free gasoline. This sales representative has not received a permit for door-to-door sales with the…

Volunteers Needed! Flags in the Cemetery

Volunteers needed to put flags up in the Woodbine Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day Weekend.  Meet Roger Barry on Friday at 5 PM. Thank you in advance!

RR Crossing

  The South Entrance (Walker's Station Entrance) into Woodbine will be closed Thursday  - May 25th and Friday - May 26th for repairs on the crossing. Please plan accordingly.  Safe Travels.  


It is that time of year... Please stop by City Hall & pick up a permit BEFORE YOU START any project on your property! Call 647.2550 if you have any questions. Always CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!

NOTIFICATION: Gas Customers - Excess Flow Valve

Customers: You may request that Woodbine Gas install an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on the gas line to your property.  EFVs are mechanical shut-off devices that a utility can install in the gas pipe running from the gas main to the gas meter…

Above Ground Pools

The City does have a list of guidelines regarding above ground pools.  Please stop by the office and get a copy of these guidelines if you want to put up your personal      above ground pool! Thank You in advance for your cooperation…